Help Guide

Welcome to the My IU Health Patient Portal Help Guide. This guide is designed to provide information for our patients who use My IU Health to securely message with providers, self-schedule appointments with select providers, manage prescription renewals, pay a bill, view lab results and so much more. Please use this help guide (additional links within the menu) to help answer any questions you might have regarding your account or medical records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I update my own account information?
    Within the Manage Account section, My IU Health portal users can update their own account password, email address, and security questions.  View the Manage Account section of the help guide to get step-by-step instructions for updating this information.
  • Questions about billing?

    For questions related to billing, please refer to the Billing Services section of the help guide.

    If you still have questions, please call to speak to a patient financial services representative, Monday-Friday from 8am - 7pm Eastern Time (excluding major holidays).

    Before calling, please have your account number available. Your account number can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the statement you received in the mail.

    In the Indianapolis area: 317.612.2754
    Outside Indianapolis: 877.668.5621

  • Can I refill or renew my prescription through My IU Health?

    Patients can only request a prescription renewal through My IU Health. The renewal request is sent to the provider, not to the pharmacy. To request a prescription renewal, visit the Medication section of the Medical Record within Health Services.

    To refill a medication that does not need to be renewed by a provider, please contact the pharmacy directly.

  • Where are my test results, including COVID-19 results, located?

    Test results, including lab and COVID-19 results, can be found on the Results page within the Medical Record section. Your most recent test results can also be found on the Health Services homepage within the Latest Results section.

    After you’ve completed lab work at one of our facilities, you will be able to see the results in your My IU Health account.

    Please note: We will post the results immediately after the tests have been completed. If you do not see your results, please contact your provider’s office.

    1. To view your lab results, please follow these steps:

    • Go to and sign in and select the “Health Services” icon under My Favorites.

     My Favorites

    • On the Health Services Home page, select “Medical Record” on the left side.

      health services navigation
    • Select “Results.” Then, you will see a complete list of your lab results.


    2. To view results for a specific date range, use the "Filter by Date Range" function by:

    • Locate the “Filter by date range” area below “Most recent results"
    • Enter the Start date and End date for your filter
    • Click “Submit”

    3. Some results can be graphed over time. Here are examples:

    • Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure)
    • Blood Glucose (Est Average Glucose mg/dL and mmol/L)
    • Hemoglobin A1C (Hemoglobin A1C HPLC Bld QN)
    • Heart Rate
    • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation (%))
    • Lipids (Cholesterol SerPl QN, Triglyceride SerPl QN, HDL SerPl QN, LDL CALC
    • Weight

    4. To see a graphed result, follow these steps:

    • Select result by clicking on the result itself or the “View all for this result” link.

    Screenshot showing how to select a result

    •  Select a Time Range by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the Time Range you wish to see.

    Screenshot of selecting date range for graphed result

    • Change which Time Range parameter by clicking the left or right arrows below the graph. 

    Screenshot of results history timeframe selection arrows

    • If you select a time period where results are not available, the graph will state, “No data for this time period.”

    Screenshot of graph that contains no data for a specific timeframe

  • I have changed email addresses, how do I get it changed on my My IU Health profile?
    Log in and select the drop-down arrow beside your name.  Select  "Manage Account" from the drop-down menu then click the "Update Email" link  from the left navigation.  Complete the form and click submit. An email confirmation will be sent to your new email address.
  • Where are Microbiology reports located?

    To see Microbiology Reports: 

    1. Log in to
    2. Click on the Health Services icon under My Favorites

      My Favorites
    3. Select "Medical Record"

      health services navigation
    4. Select "Microbiology Reports"
      microbiology reports
  • When will I see the final results of a microbiology report?

    IU Health will post microbiology reports immediately after they have been completed; however, each microbiology test is unique and has its own timeline. You may first see preliminary results but these are not yet complete. Most test results will be available between 1 and 8 weeks.

    Be sure to select to “Download” each report as it contains additional important information such as “Report Status.” 

  • What results can I see graphed over time?

    Only results that are a part of your My IU Health electronic health record can be graphed. The results that can be graphed over time are:

    1. Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure)
    2. Blood Glucose (Est Average Glucose mg/dL and mmol/L)
    3. Hemoglobin A1C (Hemoglobin A1C HPLC Bld QN)
    4. Heart Rate
    5. Oxygen Saturation (SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation (%))
    6. Lipids (Cholesterol SerPl QN, Triglyceride SerPl QN, HDL SerPl QN, LDL CALC)
    7. Weight
  • Where can I find provider notes?

    Provider notes can be found in Health Services > Medical Record > Visit Summaries. Starting January 1, 2019, your Visit Summaries include the following notes:

    • Inpatient: discharge summary, delivery note and POST order
    • Outpatient: ambulatory progress notes (not including adolescent medicine, psychiatry and child protection team notes)
  • Why do I have to provide relationship status when sharing access?
    Recent updates to our electronic health record system require a relationship status for all persons who share access to their information. Providing this information will increase the accuracy of our records and improve overall experience.
  • How do I get records that are not in the portal?
    You can access records that are not in the portal by contacting your IU Health provider or calling Release of Information at 317.962.8670 Monday-Friday from 8am - 4:30pm Eastern Time (excluding major holidays). You can also access the Authorization to Release and Disclose Patient Information form and follow the three-step process.
  • Looking for information about your health insurance?

    If you are a looking for information about IU Health Plans, please visit the IU Health Plans website. For information about any other health insurance, visit your health insurer’s website.

  • How do I get/find an itemized bill?
    You can access your itemized bill by calling Revenue Cycle Customer Service at 877.668.5621 Monday-Friday from 8am - 7pm Eastern Time (excluding major holidays). You can also request an itemized bill in the Bill Pay section of the My IU Health patient portal.
  • How do I add access to a child under the age of 14?
    If you currently have an account, you can request access by logging in and clicking on ‘Manage Account’ from the drop down near your name and then clicking ‘Request Access to My Child’ on the left side panel. You will then need to fill out the form with your child’s information and click submit. NOTE: The child must have a SSN on record and patient and guardian's address must match.
  • How do I add/create an account for a 14-17 year old?
    IU Health does not provide access to online medical information for parents and guardians of teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17. However, the patient can create an account by completing the appropriate form at their physician's office. The office will send the patient an invitation with an activation code to create an account. From there, the patient may share their access with others.
  • How do I see billing information for my spouse or child?
    If you have been designated the guarantor for a patient you will need to select the correct billing account (patient) at the top of the billing services page to see their bill.
  • How do I get my Username/Password if I can't remember answers to my security questions?
    If you no long remember your responses to your security questions, you can recover your Username/Password by contacting My IU Health Patient Portal Support.
  • What's my username? How can I get my username?
    The username is needed as part of the online security measures we have taken to ensure your personal information is protected. If you have forgotten your username, please use the "Forgot Username" link to walk through the process of recovering your username.
  • What's my activation code?
    An activation code is needed as part of the online security measures we have taken to ensure your personal information is protected. For security purposes, your activation code expires 90 days after it was created. This is provided to you when you visit your physician's office. If you are unable to remember your activation code, please contact My IU Health Patient Portal Support.
  • What is a clipboard?

    The clipboard is a new feature available in the My IU Health patient portal. Before most provider facing visits, you may receive one of these electronic clipboards that allow you to securely review and update your health history online.

  • Where do I access a clipboard?

    1. Log in to your My IU Health patient portal account (

    2. Once you log in, click the Health Services icon in the “My Favorites” section. This takes you to the Health Services homepage.

    My Favorites 

    3. On this page, there is an item indicating a clipboard is available. Just above the photo, there will be an announcement of a clipboard.

    clipboard alert
  • Can I save the clipboard information and come back later to finish it?

    Yes, if you do not finish the clipboard, you can log back in to your My IU Health patient portal account and finish your clipboard. Also, if you lose connection while filling a clipboard out, the system will save the information you have already entered.

  • I have multiple clipboards, do I have to fill out each one?

    You may see more than one clipboard to complete. If your appointments are scheduled on the same day, you only need to complete one clipboard. If you have upcoming appointments on different days, then you will need to complete a clipboard for each day you have appointments scheduled.