If you have not yet renewed your prescriptions through My IU Health, we invite you to discover just how easy it is to securely request a prescription renewal from your provider’s office.

To submit a request for a prescription renewal:

  1. From Health Services, select Medical Record
  2. Under your current medications, click the “Renew” button on the Clinical Record Summary page or select Medications from the main navigation and click the “Renew” button
  3. Complete the prescription renewal form

Within the form, you will select your medication and which provider to send the renewal request to, the reason for the renewal, quantity, which location or pharmacy you’d like to pick up and preferred contact method. If you do not see the medication listed, you can add that information.

The office will respond during regular business hours, making every effort to reply within one business day.

Please note: To refill a medication that does not need to be renewed by a provider, please contact your pharmacy directly.